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YouTube - Mad World - Gary Jules
YouTube - Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
I really like the blog. That's my main reason I post some stuff in the mall. I check the coupons. I make a post here and there.
Quote: Originally Posted by nprotundo ^^^I know, the more and more that I look at it, the more I like it! If I could afford it, I would buy it and save you the trouble of shipping to canada!
Quote: Originally Posted by nprotundo Ok, so, I emailed her and she basically said that marking the item as a gift doesnt mean I will not be reimbursed. She said I will still be fully reimbursed. I replied and told her that I will still not mark it as a gift but will fully insure it, etc. I think I made her angry, but oh well, Im actually thinking about keeping the bag anyway You should keep it, I've seen it in real life and it's a really...
Sorry these are the Sugar and Spice wash
I just got these in the mail and I've never seen the wash in real life. This was not disclosed in the auction and these have only been worn once according to the seller. Are these nicks part of the wash?? They are on the lower part of the leg, below the knee. This is topside of run Underside of above said run
Why mark it as a gift? It's not worth risking it with an expensive item like that. Send it global express mail and mark the full amount.
I got my matics today, sz 27, they fit really loose and I'm not a fan of the jeans in general. Kinda bummed, oh well.
Well, good luck, I hope more people get them.
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