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for me they seem to be real too... my girl now wife had the same model in 2005 or 2006. veeeery large bootcut but typical for this time. Have fun with them...
Levislad - best looking larkee i've seen for a long time. Looks really easy going... Gloriouscafe - what a cute little boy you have. At the end everything depends on our kids. My little princess has temperature at this moment. So - no party. Everything cancelled for tonight. Staying at home and sit beside her bed. I don't mind. Its the best Place in the world for me tonight.
Here are some fitpics of my sleenker 824p made in tunisia. Got them from diesel online store. Got my usual size 29/30. They are very comfy.            
I got my 824p today and mine says Maden in tunisia. Got my normal size. 29/30 and they fit fine. Try to post pics. But i'm without wlan at the moment. I tried, but can't upload pics at the moment. Post them tomorrow evening.
Thanks for your info Ramirez. Just pulled the trigger for a 824p in 29/30. Got the 0823z although in 29/30. Hope the 824p will fit the same and don't run smaller because of it's lighter wash. Will post pics when they arrive...
Great outfit. Could tell me the size of your sleenkers. Did you size up from your normal size ?
I got them by ups this morning. Sleenker0823Z. Think i'm going to keep them. Clean blue wash. Very comfy. Belt is Diesel Bimatador. The leather looks so damn vintage. I love it.
 definitly all thavars and shioners from this season are much more roomier  than the last seasons. they really grow in lenght and width.A lenght 30 in thavars is a lenght 34 in nudies for example. That sucks. New thavars in L30 ar for giants...
Damn, wanted to order the Belther 0824E on cultizm yesterday morning for 175 EU. Waited to long, when i went back in the evening I saw the mess... they were back on 250 EU. I although think it was a mistake that they put all diesels on sale in the morning...
I like the cut and the washing, but i'm afraid that the holes are already to thin. Can somebody who saw them in real take me those worries?
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