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Sort of look authentic to me, best thing is put the little 'only the brave' label up to the light and look closely at the thin silver microstitching. You should be able to make out 'DIESEL' written in it. You will have to look very closely.   If its there, they are authentic.
Todays outfit Ted Baker T shirt Thavar 880G Paul Smith shoes   Thoughts on the length its a 32 think I should get it hemmed to a 30 which is my usual length...
Leftvapor I actualy think the Darron is a better fit for you there...
thanks mate i cycle so have bigger thighs  u reckon shioners wont be too tight on the thighsk?
Can anyone tell me hw Shioners fit? Is it TTS or do I need to size up or down? What is the fit like in comparison to the Thavar?
@ Locky not sure what style you are looking in but I am 5'6 and wear a 30 which fits well, perhaps with one fold up I reckon 30 would be too short for you mate.
Great fits pics Dieselolic and a great wardrobe, I need to be getting style tips from you mate!   What shoes are you wearing in the final pic?   Which fit do you prefer the Thavar or the Shioner? Are they very similar?
Both look brilliant, I am actually thinking of getting a pair to try some of these tricks too. @Leftvapor I personally dont think you should go for the holes just as I dont really like holes on my jeans but the other effects are quality.   @Toulous thats some real innovation there, I am just interested to know what will happen if it rains hard on those jeans...
Thought I would try my own fit pic sorry if the pic isnt that clear. Thoughts on the Thavar fit?    I have tried a few Thanaz and none seem to fit as comfotably as the Thavar for me.   Thavar 8W7 Superdry jumper Aldo shoes
Phukette those Darrons look good on you. Should I size down on Darrons as I bought a pair of W32 in 8IL wash and they are massive. Could I even get away with a W28?   Dieselolic thats a great fit in those Shioners. What size do you wear?
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