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Fit pic today:   Diesel Darron 880F H&M Tshirt Hudson Desert Boots
+1 for Dieselolics outfits, great style and fashion sense!
Nice one for the comments, appreciate it.
Hi all, have a question regarding boots and denim.   I bought these boots, mainly for the bad weather but think they look ok and not bad at £40, so decided to pull the trigger.   Firstly what are your views on these?   And secondly can I tuck my jeans into these? I wear Thavars and Darrons mainly and dont really have any boot cuts. Been reading on the Style Forum site and general consensus is 'no'. I have seen some fit pics with some jeans tucked into...
Karacho your style kills it...wicked just wicked.
Im sure i have seen those on ebay UK site. Not sure sizes but worth a look.
Diesel Collector that jacket is simply bad ass!   Great style all round guys
I think those may be 8QU's, i saw them in the Diesel store on Carnaby st and just loved them. They are on my wishlist
Hey sorry for the late reply!   Here are some pics in my thavar: With Paul Smith shoes   And: Aldo canvas pump/espadrilles     Hope that helps...
Hi I wear some pointed brown shoes with mine, looks pretty good, or some aldo canvas type. Ill probably get lambasted for my style but seen pics where they also look great with boots.
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