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Why would a legit site use "cheap" in its domain name?
I hate boring ass blue wash so 814M for sure.
  A Taiwan seller have them in stock . http://tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction/f43392225
Hi, I'm looking for the following two pairs of Thavars, both in 28x32 and brand new with tags. Please PM me if you have them for sale.   Thavar 807J: $428 or discuss Thavar 888P: $328 or discuss   (including shipping to the US.)
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0k.1000775.1.2.2vqIZN&id=10867519726&_u=quek181452   They have them in 29x30 (6 pairs in stock actually), but I'm not sure if they ship worldwide or not.
Bought Thavar 801D in beige and Safado 801D in dark green. Also Thavar 809N which are my new favorites.  
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