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Go for it! As always, the picture doesn't do the denim justice. The wash is a brilliant electric blue with perfect slash detailing. The yellow and white stitching has just the right amount of "pop". The denim is stiff, rigid, rugged, and durable. Clearly, made to last! I couldn't be happier with them ^_^   I was considering the Thavars, but I can't get my big feet through that cut :P
@freeradical82 I know what you mean. I don't actually like to sag my jeans. This wash is cut from a stiff denim so they are a little snug around my thighs, which keeps me from wearing them up. When I break them in I should be able to pull them up a bit more.
Great! That means I'm keeping them! Thanks everyone.
          The Electric Blue Wash is amazing. And the Yellow stitching is the perfect contrast. ^_^ Without a doubt my favorite wash. But what about the fit? 
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