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looks like it could be okay
thanks for the comments dannysgirl, you should totally do it! if you do a little searching, there are so many great deals to be had on cruises. I went on a 7 day cruise with 3 port stops and it was $499 plus fees, so it ended up being about $580 per person. everything is included except gratuity and shore excursions five of my friends went on a 5 day cruise in december for $189 per person!
real imo
here are a couple of pics horseback riding in cozumel, mexico: watermelon and me on the cruise ship: the ship at night: me snuba diving: and some underwater pics:
aww thanks so much you guys! i am a bit late for this thread because i was on a cruise (like j1n1i14 said)
i feel like R&R might be losing its luster. i've i think i've bought at least 10 pairs within the last 3 months for less than $50 shipped
the R's are kind of chubby, the front of the jeans have really ugly whiskering, and the tag is shorter than a real tag
yes real, runs about 1 size big
real, men's floyd
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