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http://www.bloomspot.com/los-angeles/rock-and-republic/?utm_campaign=los-angeles_10-Nov-13&utm_source=BloomEmail&utm_medium=email&bquery=cmlkPTE5NjY1MzA4JmVtYWlsPXBoaXRodXl2byU0MHlhaG9vLmNvbSZ2aWQ9MzI3NjAz   Idk if thats a good deal for some of u or not.. bloomspot is just like groupon or living social
i guess i'll go put it up for sale then so sad to see it go (if i can get the price i want) poor little nimbus
^^^ haven't seen Jenny buzz me if u do see any.. thanks
Last year, i tried them on, fit perfectly and everything.. then i said i would think think think and think and then i said no.. now i need them I am Fashion: Prada Vernice Sfumata Pump
that's why it's been so hard to make a decision. The bag is wayyyyy too small i like the softness and the style, and it's comfy and everything, but i barely wear it.. plus it's lame skin so it's kinda too classy, hard to wear with everything. I should have bought it in cream is it gonna be hard to sell too?
to sell my Vuitton Olympe Nimbus PM in Anthracite?
thanks so much everyone.. u are great.. glad i stopped by here first
i know nothing about TR thanks so much
cool.. something i never knew.. glad it worked out.. and they've been authentic vuitton seller for long, that shouldnt be an issue
ya.. i found another auction for a 1991 speedy as well AUTHENTIC VINTAGE LOUIS VUITTON EPI SPEEDY 30 HANDBAG - eBay (item 310025840071 end time Mar-03-08 13:23:20 PST) speedy 30 though.. and the leather tab and the font of the datecode are still different from ur bag... but good luck, keep us posted
New Posts  All Forums: