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Thanks for the feedback! I was feeling the same way so I ordered a 32 x 32 last night
Here are a few more shots.  Which looks better?  Thanks for your input!   32 30               33 32    
Here are some more shots - thanks for your input.  Are you sure the 30's aren't too short?   32 30       32 33      
Last question for you guys, what fit and length do you think looks more appropriate?   32" 30" (these are the snug in the waist but lenght feels good)       33" 32" (perfect in the waist but the lenght is a little too long)        
Team, can anyone recommend a good denim tailor in Chicago?  I'm looking for someone who has had first-hand experience.  I need to get a pair shortened (a tad) and want to keep the original hem without destroying them.  Pix below.  Many thanks!  
Muchas gracias, gentlemen!
All, I recently bought a pair of New Fanker 801b's and found they fight snug and the lenght is perfect. This fit works for me as long as they do not shrink. Has anyone found that this style / wash shrank when washed them for the first time? I'm all about following the protocol to wash cold, gentle, and hang dry, but I've found other diesels have slightly shrunk a quarter to half an inch on the inseam. The pair that recently shrunk was another new fanker in the 008b9 wash...
New Posts  All Forums: