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Locky I'II offer you a pair of 8x2, 888p, 880W and a horse that can keep kicking your arse.. sounds like a deal :-/
Or keep the jeans, sell the girl friend :-/
Keep your girl friend sell the jeans, drink a bottle of JD and stop kicking your own arse - I would say 120 should off load them.
Dieselolic great outfits apart from the dexter Morgan brown top... Just killer :-/
Look good.. If the waist is good.. Keep!!
What are they? Look cool
Might look at the 811P in krooley, if its a thick denim dropping down one might look ok.. It's a good point regarding the wash I've noticed some do come up smaller. Lee- agree, think you need a couple more for the collection
Phukette, Braddom and krooley I thought worked best for you however those Thavar 807c you got seem to fit you right on the money...
Shioner 880W today and just for you Lee new HTC belt
I like them fit looks great...think they would good with like a diesel Glenn boot or something like it, with a leather..
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