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Great outfits guys/girls.. I've never seen a guy wear woman's jeans.. I think that's pretty bold and a great wash & (great arse) So anyway a girl asked me if I wanted a drink Friday night, I said 'I'd rather have the cash' Thavar 884 today.. Been working out hard trying to get my arms as big as lolic's, 2 more years of training
price drop
Aahz love that outfit..agree the T really sets it off... good job man
price drop
From diesels 2012 F/W campaign "colour exposure"  This pair is 100% cotton with foam dyed royal blue-brighter blue on the inside of the denim Straight fit.   Worn 4/5 times MINT CONDITION - Never been washed - Good as new.Stacking is pretty awesome on these.    Shipping UK £5 Europe £10
That jacket is the nuts!!! Great contrast against the denim..
Pics not great taken on the phone. His stuff fits true to size, leg 32/33.. [IMG]http://www.denimblog.com/c/content/typ e/61/id/98795/width/200/height/400[/IMG] Also got this silver ring..
Cheers Aahz, denim really soft on these and second the jacket Lorna really works with the outfit. 
Something different, nicolas Andreas taralis, ex designer at Dior.. New black jeans..
Cheers Ram/DC I'm not liking this season to much,  so pulling the old babies out :-/ guessing 811p in Thavar I will get..and a couple from last season are on the list...DC 804K look great.   Aahz, class....
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