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Classic Thavar 8X2 34W 34L New with Tags..Don't need to say to much about these ..wow wow wow!!   UK Shipping £5 Europe £10 Worldwide PM for Price 
Diesel Thanaz 8880L 100% Authentic,  Great summer Jean SLIM  FIT JEAN  RRP £190 Made in Italy.  Any questions please ask   UK postage £5 Europe £10 Worldwide PM for price   
By far the best Diesel Jean to come out of the pack ;)  The leg is 34 however on this wash the leg does come up a bit shorter. Read other posts to confirm. I feel 32L or 34L work!!   These are New and Ready to ship...   UK delivery £5 Europe £10 Worldwide, mail me for price. 
I can't help you out unless you give me your email address so we can set this up.   I also will need the size you want 28w or 29w...   Thanks
whats your email address please?
Mens New Krooley 0880W Jeans SIZES 31,32,33W X 34L Worn Look, Frayed Denim, From Dirty New Age Campaign Made in Italy 100% Authentic or "Your Money Back"  CARROT FIT STRAIGHT LEG    Any questions please ask UK postage and paypal only - Contact for European & Worldwide Delivery    Pictures attached are of the 31W 34L can provide pictures for the 32x34L and 33x34L 
PM me a picture I will ask around
Lol DC great line... Looking good lolic wax it up...
Very cool my man..are those 601K 100% cotton?
Cheers, you inspire me...so thanks, giving back to 'self' isn't easy!!
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