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That jacket is the nuts!!! Great contrast against the denim..
Pics not great taken on the phone. His stuff fits true to size, leg 32/33.. [IMG]http://www.denimblog.com/c/content/typ e/61/id/98795/width/200/height/400[/IMG] Also got this silver ring..
Cheers Aahz, denim really soft on these and second the jacket Lorna really works with the outfit. 
Something different, nicolas Andreas taralis, ex designer at Dior.. New black jeans..
Cheers Ram/DC I'm not liking this season to much,  so pulling the old babies out :-/ guessing 811p in Thavar I will get..and a couple from last season are on the list...DC 804K look great.   Aahz, class....
888p ;-/
Perfect fit DC, congrats
Allsaints Spires Blazer "in love " :) cool outfit..
Hey guys...are these Thanaz 74k???   Cheers
Safado 804K
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