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PM me a picture I will ask around
Lol DC great line... Looking good lolic wax it up...
Very cool my man..are those 601K 100% cotton?
Cheers, you inspire me...so thanks, giving back to 'self' isn't easy!!
Aahz, when I come over to san fran can you take me shopping...you've got an eye for putting outfits together. Respect. 
Great outfits guys/girls.. I've never seen a guy wear woman's jeans.. I think that's pretty bold and a great wash & (great arse) So anyway a girl asked me if I wanted a drink Friday night, I said 'I'd rather have the cash' Thavar 884 today.. Been working out hard trying to get my arms as big as lolic's, 2 more years of training
price drop
Aahz love that outfit..agree the T really sets it off... good job man
price drop
From diesels 2012 F/W campaign "colour exposure"  This pair is 100% cotton with foam dyed royal blue-brighter blue on the inside of the denim Straight fit.   Worn 4/5 times MINT CONDITION - Never been washed - Good as new.Stacking is pretty awesome on these.    Shipping UK £5 Europe £10
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