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My new a1923 a diciannoveventitre very happy with these-world class - hard to find a better boot :-)
Though you might like ;) 
Cheers Aramis
http://www.daad-dantone.com/online-shop/NICOLAS-ANDREAS-TARALIS--Jeans/Jeans-4253   Phukette Im liking these a lot... a bit of NAT for you..
Kind of new brand been following them for a while...all their leather boots/clothing is top draw.   Cost some bank and i'm worth it :)    http://www.10sei0otto.it/   cheers
Been a while and thought I would treat myself:)     
DC Have to agree on the 881Z and Aahz amazing pictures I must make a trip there.. Thanks for the experience of the pictures.,
Just emailed you..cheers
can you let me know when you've paid..cheers
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