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@zdenal, perfect fit...cool
@dieselolic sweet A.P.C What fit are they? looking good...
Curious to know if anyone has tried on BELTHER fit and how that compares to the IAKOP fit!!!! 
Cheers Edge
@ lolic your welcome 74k are new from a couple of months back-breaking them in ..cheers @ levislad Thanks for playing along  @ Phukette - It was just a dream :D I must admit, I was laughing at the Karacho line because he does look sick in every wash..
So I was thinking I know, I know -  If I could have a Denim Blog - Diesel Dream Team who would be in it.... OK   Lead Outfit - Dieselolic (Aahz, back up support if his still in the gym) :D Lead Fit - the one and only - yep you guessed it Phukette Lead Camera - clickety click Aahz  Lead Lighting - o yea baby Denim Collector Lead Entertainment - no need to lock up your daughters the legend Levislad  Lead Editor - The 'cute' thing Lorna  Lead 'Everything...
Rombee ` XT With a 6 pack & no hair :D  
Phukette I think that's well said and its a serious matter, on the lighter side for me I've been training in the gym and got pretty big and haven't posted pictures because of people's insecurities " and Lee hitting on me" :D :D :D   Dieselolic always puts a smile on my face because his the coolest cat in LA..
Yep that's the black pair - denim very soft on these.  Kind of going for a cleaner look - diesels are great 888p 8x2 880W are great jeans and not sure they do plain jeans that well if you know what I mean.. IGGY are a good day to day jean..for the money get a lot of wear out of these..    Those NAT I sent you the link the other day are the bomb though... they fit TTS on the waist for me.
Well funny story on these - was in London Saturday and one of the guys went out back to get a size for me and saw these (old stock I think, in my size) Worthing IGGY- Picked them up sale price £50.00..really love the denim on these...   http://www.allsaints.com/men/jeans/allsaints-worthing-iggy/   I saw your pics the other day and thought the cut would work on me and the fit is perfect-very happy so thanks for the post...wouldn't think about buying their jeans 
New Posts  All Forums: