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yep fade lower part of the thigh and knee - its a great wash close up
broke the sizes out on the dior thread .. should help - any questions let me know
Tepphar 806Q today & and bought some dior jakes just deciding which size...   29W                                                                      30W    
30W                                                                 29W
Bought some Jakes and have a 30 & 29 17.5 MII (30 being my diesel size) Think I can get away with a 29 and away from the leggings effect.. any thoughts guys, of course not much in it and I am feeling the 29's becoz of the stretch.. however fading much better on the 30's   Ordered from LVA   29 Waist (40cm aligned)  Hem 16.5cm Rise 23.5cm Thigh 24cm Inseam 37inch     30 Waist (41cm aligned) Hem 17cm Rise 24cm Thigh 24.5cm Inseam...
Cheers RL 
Perfect fit on. 801A T-Shirt looks nicely fitted as well
I know people have made many comments on the stretch however I will report over the next couple of weeks how much they go... Cheers guys    
:) 19cm
Cheers - thigh is 24.5cm MIJ
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