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Busting out the old vikers today, not the best cut... These I think look ok..
Aahz think the wash is great, IMO you could size down on them if they're a light denim.. Think the DBG look like they fit you the best and Shioner look good on you..These are rock and roll though and the boots are perfect for me..Its good to change it up.. Cheers
Very cool Aahz, those 660 rock...
Im looking for a light pair SHIONER 0804V do you own a pair denim looks thin..
what do you guys think of the new SHIONER 0806N
Hey guys,   Do you know if newyorkspeed.com is a legit stie with regards to buying diesel jeans?   Cheers
Cheers look very different to online pics
Which site will check them out
Sweet.. Is 808y a new wash?
Both look great burgundy are the pair
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