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Aahz..you didn't throw your DBG's in that fire did you?
Phukette...:) pull out the 8880M..go on..Lee has this page on refresh.... 
Stacking shocking with these boots.. Still love the 8x2
Park/bond don't ship to the UK ;( doh
Aahz, thanks for the comment appreciated.. You wear so awesome boots.. Outfits really work for me.. Phukette those Shioner's look real quality... Love the leather.. Merry Christmas everyone..
ophs posted wrong place...:-/
Another old pair.. Safado 08YD strange cut in these, there like Shioner.. Nothing like the new safado's
Cheers man
Hey guys curious question..looking to buy some fitted plain black/white/grey t-shirts; do you know the best ones that don't tend to lose shape..   Cheers
Busting out the old vikers today, not the best cut... These I think look ok..
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