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Safado not my cut these days sticking to shioner,thavar, thanaz... 2013 new styles look good in krooley and Darron might have to size down... If they don't come out in a skinny cut. Safado 804K Thursom Grey shoes (half price at hudson site) leather so soft on these shoes at £47 a steal...
stunning picture Aahz..love the shirt
dieselolic can I borrow your arms for a weekend? you can have them back..!!!
Cheers dieselolic, re-comment loving the Christmas jumper.. New superdry leather (man I need some legs) jacket tight fit, sponsored by durex..
denim collector..ha ha Lee hasn't left the house in 2 days.. come on phukette get those 880M out of the 'closet' so to speak :-/ 
Aahz..you didn't throw your DBG's in that fire did you?
Phukette...:) pull out the 8880M..go on..Lee has this page on refresh.... 
Stacking shocking with these boots.. Still love the 8x2
Park/bond don't ship to the UK ;( doh
Aahz, thanks for the comment appreciated.. You wear so awesome boots.. Outfits really work for me.. Phukette those Shioner's look real quality... Love the leather.. Merry Christmas everyone..
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