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Locky see what you mean about the jacket-thavar's look like a great fit on you... Karacho 886B looks like a great wash and fit..lovin the boots in the 2nd picture, what make?
Cheers for that appreciate will have a look at the lookbook.. 
Thavar 887K, for me like this wash over the Shioner 805A..
lol phukette..wrap a hot towel round your head...Any pics of the shioner 600R or you making that cut up ;-/
locky have to go tight with the jacket..posts some pics and know what you mean if you have to have it..:-/
http://m.superdry.com/mt/www.superdry.com/mens/jackets/details/36445/muirs-jacket Leather is really soft on this.. Im Wearing size Medium 40chest
like the look....baller   
Any new light washes? anyone know?
Hey dieselolic..got them off yoox size 31w/32w its all they had - ideal would be 30w, paid $95 so couldn't say no. Sent back the 886A for a 30w and they fit much better appreciate the advice..  Planning on growing some thighs in the gym this year so need to be careful anyways.;-/ my goal is to get my thighs as big as your arms...!!   Superdry Leather Fly Boots HTC Belt Shioner 8x6    
Touloux- 2nd pic is of the shioner 8x6 'not washing these babies ' Cords are a great fit on you.. A steal at £5
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