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Boots rock locky...
I thought you might be in the UK going by the pictures :-/ good to have you!!!
Lorna, We're all gentleman here apart from dieselolic ha ha he knows I'm joking.. Great pictures and a great fit.. Colour wash looks awesome..
Lorna, I'm in, can't do Friday though!!!
Lolic it's locky he brings the worst out in me.. I'm going to buy his 810's and then steal his girlfriend if she likes them so much..;-/ Locky your a legend you know I am teasing.. Going to feed the horse.. Salut
I love woman..!! Blow me.. Is that the time must sleep :-/ night all
Locky I'II offer you a pair of 8x2, 888p, 880W and a horse that can keep kicking your arse.. sounds like a deal :-/
Or keep the jeans, sell the girl friend :-/
Keep your girl friend sell the jeans, drink a bottle of JD and stop kicking your own arse - I would say 120 should off load them.
Dieselolic great outfits apart from the dexter Morgan brown top... Just killer :-/
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