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agree I think you can go up one on the 8x2...uk outlet still have some
mine have stayed pretty tight, hard to say but i think they well go half a size bigger....mine where super tight when i brought them..are you in the UK?
locky....cheers, mine are 31W 32L ..super tight :-/ what size do you need?
Aahz different class, love that jacket.. Today 8x2 and frankie morello High tops..
Very nice man., congrats..
I like belts because I like spending money :-/ also I think belt less suits you Lee., a shocking belt can make narrot look bad.,
Ps this is a great wash for a smart night out.. Ok it's not out there but wouldn't wear these day to day..
Just throw my bit in - if shioner fit you well then these will be tight in your normal size....
They're thanaz not thavar and thanaz fit me the best hands down. If the denim is thick on thavar they fit the same.. Shioner I'm finding sizing down one fits perfect I think for me there is more room in the thighs for shioner so sizing down works..I bought the 805A shioner and could easily size down one if I size down one on thanaz I can't get my leg in lol Different for everyone..
Like it Lee..
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