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Perfect fit on. 801A T-Shirt looks nicely fitted as well
I know people have made many comments on the stretch however I will report over the next couple of weeks how much they go... Cheers guys    
:) 19cm
Cheers - thigh is 24.5cm MIJ
Picked up a pair of raw's today and went down 1 size from diesel - down 2 was 2 tight in the thighs..   Measurements are waist (29) 40cm and Hem 17.5 (pic not so great) a bit tight on the waist..            
cheers zdenal/boli going to go for the lighter pair and size down 1 from my diesel fit for a slim fit on these... will post pics
which ones would you go for...
or if anyone knows of a good site for buying a pair of DH raws and guide to sizing it would be appreciated..
Also looking at the leaden sky and supcadence has been a big help... can anyone else confirm, going up one size on leaden sky based on normal size..cheers
http://www.coco96.com/products/dior-homme-work-a-day-jeans   what do you guys think of these? looking for my first pair of DH.. any ideas on sizing im normally 30W in diesels and wear thavar, thanaz mainly..
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