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To throw my 2c in, I've dealt with James in the past and it was a nice easy experience, fast shipping and definitely no issues with regards to counterfeit goods! I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him. Hcavid's complain holds no credibility to me whatsoever. The standard procedure for a return is to send the item back and then they send you the refund. I did this with surplusclothing.ca and had no issues whatsoever, they held up their end of the deal after I bought a pair of...
I wear w29 in thavar and w30 in sleeker and my Anbass are 30. I think I'm w29 in braddom and w30 in shioner.
Don't know if it helps but I bought replay Anbass in 30w. In diesel I'm a 29 to 30w depending on model.
Chanel J12 Chromatic 41mm Watch Saint Laurent Hi-tops
    Got tired of losing my cards and cash so I treated myself to a Versace money clip wallet
Bought these last week online and paid 135 GBP (240 canadian dollars) plus shipping to the UK (which wasn't cheap either). The actual size on the label is 30x32 but these definitely run big and I would say these are better suited to a 28-29W given that they will stretch as well. I definitely cannot wear these without a belt even though my DBG 8BT are the same size and fit perfectly.    They are brand new with tags and I have only tried them on once.    Price wise would...
Got my pair today and sadly you were right, I should have sized down. Definitely need a belt for these where I don't for my 8BT. Im pretty underwhelmed by them to be honest. 
^ What the actual fuck ^ 
why do Diesel insist on using shite pictures on their site? Some of the fits look absolutely terrible on the models and the pics rarely represent  what they jeans look like in the flesh. Some of the Thavars look almost bootcut and as for the Safados - I know they're meant to be more of a straight cut but they've taken that a bit literally in some of those pics.
am i the only person looking at some of the washes and these square "patches" and thinking wtf?
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