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I need to order something from south Korea and I haven't a clue how to call the store or get proper translation on the website Please PM me so I can link you the page. MUCH appreciated ya'll
Merry Christmas one and all
I'm going to attempt a damp stretch as it's mainly the waist/hips that are bursting. I know they look like sheit. I even wore them for about 30 mins prior to pics. No give. As for the wash, I prefer dark washes and 8FC is def nicer when seen in person.
^ co-signed! Hotness Lorna
Stretch. BAH! They're tight as hell. Size up 1, maybe 2, depending on your body type I am busting out of them
All kinds of hotness up in here Soia & Kyo Gray Matics DJP Couture
I LOVE them! ... I think ... better pics when you have some free time PLEASE!!
Fuckin' comedian eh? Anyone? Year? Name? Please?
Thanks Tee. If anyone can find me a stock pic I'd appreciate it. I had no luck again with Google as there appears to be a freakin' wrestler named Diesel, so you can imagine my search results FFS.
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