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Hi everybody,   I am selling this nice pair of Thavar 811P Blue Eyecons in size 30 x 30.   It is absolutely new and unworn with original tag still attached.   I am asking for 170 EUR shipped within Europe.
I would be happy to see some Blue Eyecons without overly done distressing...Something like the 803W.   The three pairs that I can see in the pics look all ripped and teared and i think I am too old to rock this stuff...   Anyway, thanks for the pictures.
  Do you have a link to the 880W version by Scotch & Soda?
Since I barely find any Diesel washes that I like at the moment I am thinking of trying out other brands as well. I think my next pair will be a Scotch & Soda jeans. I really like their clothes but never have tried one of their denims.   Btw, looks like they were inspired by the 8X2 wash here... ;-)  
  I don't see how a blue jeans with just some thigh fading and no crazy over the top distressing / rips / holes can be "oldschool"...   It is a very versatile wash for summer i think. Especially for white or lighter colored shirts as it gives a nice contrast to the great electric blue of the denim.
Yes, keep the left pair
Oh... I just realized 602S is a stretch wash... :-( I would prefer a 100% thick cotton denim...
Wow, Safado 602S look great!! I will get a pair for sure! been a while since there was a really nice wash in Safado cut...   And I also love the blue jeans on the left on Phukettes 8th picture. Looks a bit similar to 803W which is still my favourite pair at the moment.
Why is it garbage now? Just because the fading on this pair is a bit more white on the knee area?   I don't see where all the hate is coming from now honestly...   Well, I will grab me a pair anyway in Viker. I will do the same as usual and order three pairs and pick out the best of them.
More pics of Thavar 811P for those who are interested:   http://www.abnorm-shop.de/Diesel-Thavar:15486.html
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