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Shioner 801A Blk dnm leather biker jacket Diesel Cassidy boots
it's a great summer collection!  simple and fresh.  very much on trend with White and Black.  wouldn't wear the baggy pants myself but they do look fashionable with the outfits.  love some of the jackets.  bravo Diesel!
I like that blazer paired with the jeans tho
@DC, i'll be sure to check it out. thanks.   @DA, great outfit!  Well put together.  is that the Leide jacket?  looks awesome.   @Aramis, looking good. I like that scoop neck T.
@qtj0ker, I'm not as tall as you think. I'm 5'11". @DC, the beige 801d is nice. I got those in stone grey. I actually wanted the salmon color but I couldn't find them anymore.
Thank you Denim Addict and Drumedge!
Thanks all for your comments.   8Ym is a really nice wash.  I used to rock zathans too.   someone had asked me to post denim jacket outfit awhile ago.  Sorry for the delay, here it is my summer version of denim on denim. Allsaints denim jacket 8.8.8.p  
Looking good, Lee and Drumedge!   8.1.1.p  
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