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Looking good y'all! I'm glad to see someone else is brave enough to show some skin on here! Ultimately diesel is for only the brave.
looks awesome!  I want it in shioner!
Thanks Ramirez. Those are cool kicks.
Yes shioner 817h. Blue eyecon. Haven't yet seen it anywhere.
Looking good, fellas!   wearing my White, Red, and Blue (shioner 8.0.5.a) for Independence day.  
@DA, great buy!  805a is a really nice wash...stiff and tight   @Phukette, glad you sized down on those DBG.  they look absolutely amazing on you.  love the wash and texture of the jean.  question - what is that light wash denim shirt in the previous pic? I gotta have.   @Leftvapor, my friend that looked like a busy weekend for you.   @Gloriouscafe, really glad you like the jeans and that they fit well sized up.  they definitely scream BADASS, don't they?
everyone looks good in their own way.  tall, short, big, or small, it don't matter.  what matters is how you carry yourself, your attitude, and most of all your sense of style.  DC - you have a great sense of style!
DC, you're too funny.  no I don't have the 807f.  I have a pair thanaz that are coated and stretchy (forgot wash number), and I bought the 801n but ended up selling them because they were too similar to my thanaz.  I know for fact that these wax coated stretchy jeans get stretched out a lot, so definitely size down.  do not size up.
New Posts  All Forums: