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DA, 74k is simply amazing.  the wash, fit, and quality are just perfect.  they are my favorite pair of "going out" jeans at night.  I get compliments every time I wear them.  if you want to make a statement of your outfit, these will do for sure.  denim is super thick and stiff, like 888p brand new.  the stackings on these are amazing and they do not go away.  the details and workmanship put into these are just incredible.  although they are not blue eyecon, but they...
@DA, it's a suede shirt jacket by Rogue.
Awesome purchase qtjoker.  I got a similar one in same color and print last xmas from my beautiful wife.
Aahz, excellent outfit!  stylish and sophisticated.  And man, you take some good photos.
do they look anything like 816k? wash and color wise?
Yea, shioner 817h looks promising.  It's like a cleaner version of 816k with paint spots.  I look forward to see your review on them!
I see
8.8.6.B Rogue suede shirt jacket  
@Gpoop, nice 8x2.  one of the best washes.   @Lee, those Levis fit perfectly.  great color.
I also tried shioner 813s.  the fit is no good unfortunately.  from the knee down is loose, with wider leg opening than rest of shioners.  beautiful wash though.
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