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Best outfit I've seen on here!
drumedge, you 2 make a beautiful couple!  not the typical boring parents at all.
looking good and sharp there, Sani!
rcom, these run big.  If you want to get the same fit as your regular thavar, thanaz or shioner fit, you need to size down on these.  they have not only elastane in them, they are resin coated which makes them a little bigger.  not your typical stretchy jean for sure.  they are special.  not pitch black but washed black as stated by Phukette.
everyone looks great!  some of the best washes on this page right now.  888p, 74k, 817h, 886b, and 8x2.    @phukette, keep the beer, fuck the water!
selling mine for anyone who's interested.  W29.  brand new never been worn.  didn't size up...learned it the hard way.
got my shioner 817H on the way
yes, size down 1.  they are the best black wash you can ask for
Quettingen, beautiful DBG you got there! DA, great pair of 888p. fit perfectly. Wutzwagg, nice outfit.  what jean jacket is that?  looks great. Weenie, both washes are just awesome.  perfect on you.
rcom440, what size are you looking for? they are sold out in US stores.  I have a pair brand new unworn. 
New Posts  All Forums: