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For sure brother! still hasn't arrived?
@Aramis, thanks, yes went with my usual size. @Binker boo, yes, I will post better lighting ones this weekend. thanks. to be clear on this wash, if you're wondering if those puzzle looking pieces are 3D. no, they are not. it's just an illusion (pretty cool). and they are not puzzle pieces, they are camouflage prints. overall the wash is incredible.
Ipaul and Ramirez, great coat and badass jacket.
Leftvapor, those 880i look great on you. nice wash. Also your outfit with blazer and denim shirt is flawless. exactly how I would put together. thavar 8.2.1.C arrived Allsaints suede & leather combo biker jacket
Just got thavar 821c. I know this is not for everyone, but I really dig it. will post fit pics soon.
Thanks guys. Leftvapor, those jogs look fantastic on you. Laisnata, love the color of your 888p Glorious, bad ass 816k. they fit well sized up Marcelo, very vintageee DA, great pair of 817h you got there. congrats.
busting out my white jeans, not diesel Blk denim
Haven't been on here lately. really loving everyone's looks. shioner 8.1.7h H by Hudson suede boot
Thanks guys.  will try to post some this weekend.
Hey guys, since there are number of members on here after these I decided to start a new thread and post some info about them.  here are some pics of the shioner 817h.  thick denim, resin coated, texture is very similar to 888p new.  they seem to run true to size, so stick with your normal shioner size.  color mutation is similar to 816k but much darker.  white paint strips and minor distresses here and there.  Another must have blue eyecon...
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