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I recently picked up These from New York speed and I went with my Regular size and they fit me well
can't wait to see
Yes, I saw them on diesel online today here in US.  the pics look good.  but about a month ago when i first saw them on nordstrom.com, i thought they looked like crap
Hello, Has anyone bought these?  Are there any fit pics and reviews?  I'm thinking about picking up a pair but I couldn't find any fit pics or review on here.  Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks guys for your inputs.  I know I'm a bit late but I'll get them one way or another.  I've been a die hard fan of Diesel since 1998.  My first ever pair was called Ravi, not sure if any of you guys ever heard of it.  I forgot the wash number.  It was a straight leg cut with a bit of flare on the bottom.  similar to Zatiny or Zathan.  I will start a new Thread when I have time to share all the old school Diesels i've had.
i would be lucky if they still have my size by then on Yoox.  How about Braddom 888p?  How's the fit compare to Thavar?  All i have are Thanaz, thavar, and shioner. 
bump...anyone?  any help?  Thanks!
Hi Diesel fans, I'm new here and just wondering if anyone can help me find these in size 29 x 30. I know the official site has them but I just hate to pay full price for them since they have been released for quite some time now. Didn't like them before but they grew on me. Thank you in advance.
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