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Bravo Phukette!
Just got them.  they are 884S, made in italy.  very cool dark blue with fading.
Thanks for the info dude.
Can you tell me which pair you got?  and how do they fit compare to your regular thavar or thanaz (if you wear those cuts)?  i know they don't come in odd number sizes, so should i get 28 or 30? 
Calling for anyone has experience with these.  If I was to get some, would I size up or down?  I am normally a 29w in Thanaz/thavar/shioner.  Thank you in advance for your help!
Yes, I love my 801A too for the fit and of course the wash as well.  Also my 886a fits awesome too!  although i do like the wash of 804h, the fitting just kind of disappoints me.  i think i'm just more into these pre-pressed 3D jeans now.  it would take a lot to impress me if the denim is flat, unless it's a beautiful wash and fitting is perfect.   i still have the 804h because i got these 29 x 30, and you can't find 30L anywhere.  I'm gonna think about it a little more..
actually i got quite a few dark indigo washes..but i guess i got to have the blue eyecon
Thanks!  I was leaning towards 805a too.
Help me decide please!
I finally got these.  but i think i'm going to return them today mainly because i don't like the way they fit and maybe the way the fabric feels.  shioners are supposed to fit tight in the calves area and have a smaller leg opening than thavar or thanaz, but these don't.  Fabric is thin, 100% cotton, coated but it's not shiny.  It kind of has that plasticy, raincoat feel.  Maybe that's why these jeans don't "hug" my legs like the others do.  Wash is quite nice, i have to...
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