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Thavar 8.0.7.V Emporior Armani leather
Karacho, good to have you back. sick jacket. looking good as usual. Leftvapor, looking fresh. I like the scoop neck. got quite a few myself glorious, nice fit on the 888p. how braddoms supposed to fit.
@ Binker Boo, here's a couple of close up shots of the 821c with regular lighting:
@DA, looking fresh and stylish. Great fit on the thanaz Sani
I agree with you. A slim fit jacket should be fitted on you, otherwise it defeats the purpose.
Thanks DA and Phukette. Those are from Aldo. Got them awhile back. Zgdiesel, jealous every time I see that jacket of yours. Nice fit on the 74y
Thank you, sir!
For sure brother! still hasn't arrived?
@Aramis, thanks, yes went with my usual size. @Binker boo, yes, I will post better lighting ones this weekend. thanks. to be clear on this wash, if you're wondering if those puzzle looking pieces are 3D. no, they are not. it's just an illusion (pretty cool). and they are not puzzle pieces, they are camouflage prints. overall the wash is incredible.
Ipaul and Ramirez, great coat and badass jacket.
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