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shioner 880w fit like thavar.  keep in mind 880w are stiff denim, and if you haven't had any diesel jeans that were treated to be stiff and wrinkled, it might be tight to put on for the first time.  Then again, since they are 100% cotton so they'll stretch out.  with that said, go for the W29 if you have extra room in W30 for thavars.    Good job on weight loss!  keep up the good work!
so my 808z arrived.  it was quite a let down.  I'm packing it up and it's going back to the store.
perfect combo!   Looks great!
Nice fit.  gonna be receiving mine today too.  but after seeing the 807c pics just now, might want to exchange for those.
My thavars and shioners fit the same in thighs.
Thanks guys. You all have great tastes and badass styles yourselves. Bravo to diesel bc diesel makes legs look good and us only the brave ones can rock them haha. @pjbuk, the black boots are aldo wingtip boots. @goonz, yes they are very similar. See my other reply. Shoes in last pic is from ASOS. Got them few seasons ago on sale. Great deal.
Goonz, I have both thavar and shioner. They fit alike in general. The only difference i notice is shioner has a shorter crotch than thavar which gives you a better bum , and it is a bit slimmer in the calves area. Get your usual thavar size I'd recommend. All of my jeans are the same waist. Hope this helps.
Toulouz, really digging your DIY 3D effect.
Much appreciate and thanks everyone for your comments!  @Denim collector, those are actually Aldos, but i'm sure they look the same as your Geox.  they are good for light washes.
That is diesel lab work!  awesome job, Toulouz!
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