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13% off of your entire purchase.  since i only bought the 881L, it pretty much equaled to free shipping.
yes, i was very happy to pick them up for less than $100 including shipping.  did you use the 13% discount code?  make sure you do that.  Happy2013 is the code.
just picked up these.  thanks to realdealornot!   anyone know the wash number of these shioner?  http://www.yoox.com/us/42284100sa/item?dept=men#cod10=42284100SA&sizeId=
it takes awhile man.  I'm also in So Cal.  it takes up to 2 weeks if the order is coming from italy.
  Great outfits guys.  PJBUK, i have those slammers too, they are too wide for me now.  but you wear them very well. Phukette, nice 803W, blue eyecon.  it is a beautiful wash.   no jeans today.  Diesel Least leather jacket (old, but amazing jacket), Zara denim shirt, Zara black corduroy pants, Allsaints jumper  
Great outfits guys!  haven't had chance to post pics myself, but will try to soon... Gpoop, nice wash of the 8L6 Aahz and Phukette, your styles are superb!  Aahz, are you in so cal?  not to brag but that is the kind of sunshine we get here.
too late man...it was sold out last week when i tried. damn it. :(
fuckkk...i missed the sale on this coat!! it went down to 200...fuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkk   http://www.parkandbond.com/product/137750749
nevermind...just realized you'd have to log in first
how are they $75?  i clicked on the link and it showed 149.  my sizes are gone except for the beige color
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