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i love this wash and the distress details.  i've been trying to get a pair for awhlie now.  where did you all find them? 
Thanks!  it's from Allsaints.  a couple of seasons ago.  but they have similar style still.  they make great leather jackets!
exact same size for both pairs i have
Yea, i agree with you.  8x2 is more versatile than 888p.  it is a beautiful wash.  thank you for the compliments on my house decor.  My wife and i bought the house 3 years ago, it was an older home which we renovated and designed ourselves.  mirror is from Ikea :)
Lee, look up any Brogue (wingtip) Lace-up boots.  Almost every brand now carries this style.  these are very classic yet stylish boots.  versatile in styling.  you can dress up or down with your diesel skinnies depending on what you wear on top.  i love combat style boots like Cassidy too, but they can't be worn with a button up shirt/blazer/coat if you want to dress up.  but with the brogue style you can go both ways.  wear your skinny diesels over them for a classy...
nevermind, it says superdry leather haha..great jacket!
Yes, only on ssense.  limited size tho
Hey man, I like this jacket!  what is it?  the fit is fantastic!  legs are hard to grow..gotta go heavy on squats.
Phukette and Alex - both really nice fit on those 807c!  now i really want to get a pair myself.  How are they compare with 886b in color? Realdeal - i see you got those 8x6.  looks great!  Wax coated jeans are must have.  what size did you get? Aahz - beautiful leather jacket!  is it suede?  i am such a fan of leather jackets.  allsaints make superb leather jackets! better than Diesel IMO. Toulouz - you're brave for pulling those bright colors off! I applaud you...
I second that!
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