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LOL@ DC's comment. Karacho, outfit is perfectly put together. great layering.
I second that
@straychev, totally agree with you on this wash being amazing and work of art. I got my eye on it. but gotta try in a store since I do not own any darrons.
Thanks for the kind words, guys.
sleenker seems to be a promising cut. looks like thavar/thanaz/shioner with smaller leg opening, not drop crotch like tephhar. me like.
stop by the mall a bit over the weekend... 8.1.6.K
Great outfits, guys. Zgdiesel, great fit on both jeans. lermo jacket is killer. All you 8bt owners, you lucky bastards. very special pair you got there. Lee and toulouz, welcome back. we missed you.
@1onely, that jacket is stunning. great buy.
@DC, those 8BT are super nice...i'm jealous. @clarsson, great buy on both pairs. your 8sv reminded me what color mine were when they were new. they are all faded now...that's why you should NEVER wash your jeans LOL
Cowboy boots made by Diesel! YEEHAW!!!
New Posts  All Forums: