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Thanks for the kind words, guys.
sleenker seems to be a promising cut. looks like thavar/thanaz/shioner with smaller leg opening, not drop crotch like tephhar. me like.
stop by the mall a bit over the weekend... 8.1.6.K
Great outfits, guys. Zgdiesel, great fit on both jeans. lermo jacket is killer. All you 8bt owners, you lucky bastards. very special pair you got there. Lee and toulouz, welcome back. we missed you.
@1onely, that jacket is stunning. great buy.
@DC, those 8BT are super nice...i'm jealous. @clarsson, great buy on both pairs. your 8sv reminded me what color mine were when they were new. they are all faded now...that's why you should NEVER wash your jeans LOL
Cowboy boots made by Diesel! YEEHAW!!!
Wow, denimneverdies, thank you for your kind words. it is quite an honor to receive such compliment from another fellow denim lover like yourself, not to mention to be recognized with Phukette who inspires many of the members on here with his great style. and there are really many more fashionable fellas here.I think I have come across your outfit photo in the past, definitely caught my attention, and definitely backs up your statement that you are stylish. would love...
yes, get your normal thavar size for these. I don't have 806p so i can't compare with it. but I own tons of thavars and I didn't have to size up or down on these. they are very comfortable because they have elastane in them. one thing I like about them is that although they are stretchy, they are not thin like the other stretchy ones. denim is quite thick which gives the jean more shape and texture.
Fantastic fit, DC. the wash looks super nice with your outfit. Thanks for the comments guys. not sure why the rustic tint from my phone cam, it happened after I updated to ios 7 recently. but it does look kinda cool though
New Posts  All Forums: