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i have to say karacho's fit very nicely..that's how i imagine they will fit. but hey, nice leather jacket.  that's diesel jeffry right?  i have one too.
Thanks for the info guys.  I'm now convienced to size up 1 on 887k.  and i'm going for it. Aahz, your fit pics always come with an amazing view which makes it extra pleasant to look at.
dood, your comment made me laugh lol
Ok, thanks ronlol.  How do your w33 feel on the waist?  is it loose?  i also have the 805a in my normal size, and those are the tightest pair i have.  i should probably size up on 887k then. 
do they not fit tight?
i've been hearing so much about sizing up on this particular pair - 887k.  i like the wash but i just don't know what size to get.  i really don't want to have saggy ass because it's big on the waist, and i sure don't want to not be able to pull them up if i got my usual size.  i had this experience with thanaz 8880k.  i got my usual size, and i felt like the blood circulation on my legs were being cut off when i wore them.  i never even worn them out and had to sell them.
i would love a pair in 29 x 30.  but i would settle for 32L too.
i tried ebay, can't find it in my size.  and i would not buy pre-owned because these should come with 3D pre-pressed wrinkles new.
Very nice realdeal!  now makes me kinda wanna get a pair now.  but i am still not sure about the sizing on these...
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