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dood, your comment made me laugh lol
Ok, thanks ronlol.  How do your w33 feel on the waist?  is it loose?  i also have the 805a in my normal size, and those are the tightest pair i have.  i should probably size up on 887k then. 
do they not fit tight?
i've been hearing so much about sizing up on this particular pair - 887k.  i like the wash but i just don't know what size to get.  i really don't want to have saggy ass because it's big on the waist, and i sure don't want to not be able to pull them up if i got my usual size.  i had this experience with thanaz 8880k.  i got my usual size, and i felt like the blood circulation on my legs were being cut off when i wore them.  i never even worn them out and had to sell them.
i would love a pair in 29 x 30.  but i would settle for 32L too.
i tried ebay, can't find it in my size.  and i would not buy pre-owned because these should come with 3D pre-pressed wrinkles new.
Very nice realdeal!  now makes me kinda wanna get a pair now.  but i am still not sure about the sizing on these...
i love this wash and the distress details.  i've been trying to get a pair for awhlie now.  where did you all find them? 
Thanks!  it's from Allsaints.  a couple of seasons ago.  but they have similar style still.  they make great leather jackets!
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