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Nice outfit leftvapor!  How do you like those 8880L?  I'm thinking about picking up a pair for summer time.  i've been looking for a light wash.  i like the shioner 8pn, but can't find them in my size any where.
yea, i'll post some when i get them.  i wouldn't buy them if they weren't 50% off.  i have a pair of wax coated black thanaz from several seasons ago.  the only differences are the thanaz are stretchy and there's no distress details (no holes), and the back pockets have dragons in sequins haha.    it's hard to tell from pics of these thavar 809n where the sequins are though..i can't see
  Just ordered these for 1/2 price - $200.  last pair in my size.
i don't see it on the US website yet.
I really liked this jacket when it came out.  where did you get it?  can i still find one?
Aahz, Only the Brave!  you owed it! leftvapor, love those joggs!  that is the best wash diesel has made so far for them.  Awesome shoes too!
damn...nice!  the fit looks perfect too.  how much are they in US $?  do you know?
I don't think they have 3D treatment on those...i could be wrong.  but yes, stick with w30
i did get a pair when they first came out but didn't like them after they arrived.  i ordered L32 and they were too long.  and this wash is one of those that the more you look at it the more you will start to like it. 
yea, i like that shioner 600r too.  i don't have anything that color so i'm looking forward to it.  811k is really nice but too bad don't like larkee.  btw, i saw the darron 809v in person yesterday at the store.  they're supposed to put them out next week but the sales guy let me try them.  disappointingly, they didn't look as good as i saw in pics on ebay, and the fit was not that good on me either.
New Posts  All Forums: