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Thanaz 887k - i finally got these. glad i listened to everyone to size up. thank you all for your tips. with Zara super slim stretchy dress shirt  
thanaz 74k - these are my all time favorite. the fit, wash, and stacking are just insane!     with Zara denim shirt       with Allsaints biker style leather jacket            
Hope you all had a great weekend!  several outfits over the weekend: grey perforated asymmetrical zipper leather jacket American apparel henley Diesel cords grey chukka boots     without the jacket      
Received krooley ne joggjeans. Not sure if I should keep. Friends, please help me decide.
Nordstrom is the shit! Yea Paul, I think you just had bad luck with those. I don't think diesel would normally carry stuff that does not pass their quality control as it would hurt badly on the brand image. And Nordstrom is one of the best dept store there is!
Oh wow. 811p is def on my list now!
Thank you Lorna and zgdiesel for the compliments! Yes agreed, great outfits karacho! Zgdiesel, that jacket does fit amazing. Love how it fits zipped up in the last pic! Should've gotten it myself before.
those are nice!
i'm in los angeles, home of the Lakers.  can't complain..the weather is perfect here.
dude, i live in US and LOVE soccer!  we should trade places
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