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Interesting. I'm not familiar with selfridges. I like the denim jacket a lot but I can't say I like the jeans though. What countries will this collection be sold?
Realdeal, you crack me up!
Hi my name is dieselolic. And I am a Diesel - holic. I've been an addict for over 10 years. My addiction started when I first laid my eyes on a pair of filthy and disgustingly beautiful diesel jeans named Ravi. I couldn't even tell exactly what color it was, for all I knew it was blue, yellow, brown and maybe some other color that wasn't in my dictionary. Siddenly I felt in love with it. Suddenly it appeared to me that it wasn't just a pant anymore, it was a piece of...
Looking sharp there Leftvapor! Those darrons fit you perfectly. @Lorna, I'm with phukette, Leftvapor and aramis. Would be a great idea.
really appreciate all the comments guys!   LOL @ Lavoisier, actually most dots are sewed on.  very detailed jeans i guess.  but ink dots or jizz stains, just make sure you don't ever wash them, stick em in a freezer for a week then all good! ;)
yes, will keep them.  i normally like tight jeans but i kinda like the joggs being a bit roomy.  thanks all!
really nice pair!  congrats!
Thank you Locky.  just hit the gym and drink lots of protein shakes haha.  you're still young, plenty of time to grow my friend!
these are so tight and stiff.  i've worn them many times, danced in them and everything. they still haven't stretched.  i didn't size up tho.  they fit perfect!  def my favorite pair from diesel.
last, thavar 888p diesel suspenders H by hudson suede boots with straps and a little Magic Mike moment haha...        
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