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i hope i get the pair that look like the one in photo
Looking sharp there, phukette! Nice blazer!
Guys they are blue eyecon. Unless the photo on the website is incorrect, I've already called the store to confirm the thavar 811p was a blue eyecon indeed.
Denim collector is right. i'm selling mine now.  nice jeans but they are too long for me.
haven't seen them in person, but you're right.  from the pics, krooley looks like a deeper blue.  i might be bias, but i prefer the thavar color much more
i would rank them as exactly how you listed them
sorry, i don't mean to confuse you.  i had the local store salesperson confirmed that this thavar 811p was a blue eyecon.  i know everyone already knew this, but just wanted to confirm for myself.
sigh..not cheap.  265 with tax but i really like it
they carry L32 at my local stores.  it's confirmed another blue eyecon
Thavar 811p. It's out!! Fucking beautiful! http://store.diesel.com/us/slim-skinny_cod36405469vl.html
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