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74k is really stiff and thick.  that and 888p are the thickest and heaviest denim i have.  i didn't size up on neither and they fit really tight on the legs as you can see in my photos, but just right in the waist where i don't neccessarily have to wear a belt.  74k and most thanazs are looser in waist than thavars, so if you size up the waist is going to get a little bigger.  but if you don't mind that, go for it as it will give you more room in the legs. 
Looking at the pics from Kelly's fashion website, strangely mine do not have that white tear drop underneath the logo pocket shown in their last pic.
I know some of you are concern about the white faded parts being too much. They are actually not as white in person as photographed. As I wrote, there's a tint of beige color on top which you can't see from the pics. They look really good worn, just like the pics on official site. I would say it's a lighter and cleaner version of 880w. I will try to post some fit pics today.
811p has Same amount of dirt or less I think
Nope. I looked at 4 pairs and they were all the same
I had the sales person brought out 4 pairs in my size and they all look the same.
Although there are some worn effects to them I still wouldn't consider them dirty. You can pretty much see the dirtiest part of the entire jeans in the back pockets pic. If you're trying to look professional at work, I wouldn't recommend these. It's not because of they are dirty, more so of the fading that is pretty out there as you can see.
Which thanaz?
shit that i forgot to see...sorry
yea i am.  picked them up from the melrose store.  they carry a large selection of the black gold stuff too.
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