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these nudies fit great. what model are they?
Lee, I think you'll really like the sleenkers.
I like those re-boot thavar too. reminds me of 74y. Where do you all find this collection? the US diesel site is all weird...different layout and everything. btw, I received new Sleenker 24p from cultism this past weekend. the wash is awesome. very stretchy denim. I must say they're the tightest pair of pants other than my long johns underwear I own. but surprisingly I think they look good, and they're the most comfortable jeans ever. they just hug your bun and...
fantastic outfits, DA and Phukette. digging those chinos.
guys, these are just an example of Avant Garde pieces that are normally used in magazine ads for the campaign of the brand/collection. I'm sure they do not represent the entire collection. i'm sure majority of us would not purchase them because we wouldn't consider these pieces as "normal wear", and let alone the fact that they are most likely going to be overpriced. I just don't think Diesel or any brand would narrow down their consumer base by producing an entire...
Looking good guys!
Yes, these are stretchy, but not your typical thin stretchy diesel jeans. these are thick with slight 3D creases on the bottom hem. the wash is quite special. other than the 3D illusionary camo print, denim has a rustic tint to it which makes the color different in various set of lightings. because they are stretchy and thick, they fit really well. Leg opening is a bit smaller than regular thavars.these are not for everyone, you either like them or hate them. I...
LOL@ DC's comment. Karacho, outfit is perfectly put together. great layering.
I second that
@straychev, totally agree with you on this wash being amazing and work of art. I got my eye on it. but gotta try in a store since I do not own any darrons.
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