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yea i got my normal size.  they fit fine, just like my other thavars.
Thank you!   Karacho, 8ne looks great on you!
yea, but they are so light almost feel like they are not 100% cotton.
thanaz 8880L.  these are tight, thin, stripes, come with 3D wrinkles. great for hot days.  
thanaz 660s. also thin, comfy, with herringbone pattern.  these fit very well.     roll up the bottom      
Over the weekend:   thanaz 601k.  these are thin and comfy.  herringbone underneath the dye.  good jeans for summer nights.  
@mattias, I appreciate the compliment bud. Running is awesome for building endurance. I'd suggest to incorporate some weight training or looking into Crossfit which I love. Btw 811p is as stiff as 8x2 new. Aahz, the stackings on those jeans are amazing. Realdeal, thanks for the gun show . Good job and keep it up my friend.
hope they will become available world wide soon.
@mattias, thanks.  yes, they are stiff, but not as thick as 888p and 74k.
Great looks everyone! Thavar 811p today
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