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Perfect outfit, Lorna!  those white jeans look great on you!
layered with military trench  
my "black out" outfit over the weekend: Thanaz 17F (these are wax coated, few seasons ago, similar to thavar 809n) ASOS Black lable leather moto vest Dsquared2 hight top military boots  
the snow really brings out the best of the color on those 881w.  beautiful!  great job, karacho!
Phukette, looking stylish and casual there!
Aahz, awesome outfit! Really nicely layered.
thank you!  just trying to keep up with you :)
2 thumbs up for the Diesel couple!!   Thavar 8qu AX moto leather jacket          
yea, i like
Camillo, those are great krooley.  i too love that color. karacho, nice outfit as always.  804h is a hard wash to pull off, and you do it very well.   no diesel today.  all zara :)     last night: thanaz 8sv (stretchy) old jeans, don't really see anyone post these
New Posts  All Forums: