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looking good guys!  Nice jacket, Aramis.
I just received these. They must be the most comfortable pants I ever own. They fit well too. The only thing is they run extra long.
Bad as in bad ass my friend!
Aahz, love that jacket...so jealous DC, great fit.  tepphars fit you really well man. too bad they don't work for me.
Amazing collection!  dressy, stylish, sophisticated, and edgy all in one!  just love it!
Thanks Hawk.   Denimneverdies, yes, i've ordered from newyorkspeed several times before.  They are good.  I have actually ordered the 8D4 from them and ended up returning because i didn't like the fit and denim is really thin.  kinda cheaply made..nothing compares to 886a
DC and Aramis, i had to photoshop out the blood around my mouth before posting those pics..haha   Denimneverdies, nice fit on both.  i too have the shioner 886a, great jeans.
Levislad, I went through the same emotion afraid that I was going to regret selling all my zathan, larkee, viker, and safado. But you know what now they are gone I don't feel bad at all. Take that money and buy yourself some new pairs. That'll make you feel better. Glad to see there's still a market for them though.
Thank you, Sir!
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