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I don't think the color would fade if you don't put any detergent in the water. However, I think your jeans would have mildew smell after drying, and I doubt you'd want that.
Nice couple shot!
thavar 880m, i think
Thank you!  finally picked up shioner 74z in my size.
wow!  i had these...back pocket was torn so badly i once lost my wallet wearing them.  memories...
in general, their jackets are pretty slim.  i'd recommend you stick with medium if you wear M in their shirts.  however for leather jacekts, they run a size or half larger, so if you like them tight you might want to size down to small.
it's a design element.  i like them.  i think it's diesel's intension to make you or whoever looking at you thinking there's lightning inside of your jeans :)
Phukette, I'm glad you got small coz it fit very well on you. It's beautiful. And I like that its a washed leather not shiny.
Leftvapor, they look awesome. Congrats! I feel the same about rolling up the bottom on these because of the white on the inside. Really nice pair for summer!
Looking good Hawk! Love the snow. Phukette, nice ruin leather shirt. Been eyeing that one myself for quite some time now. How's the fit on it? It's the best one out if all leather shirts they have.
New Posts  All Forums: