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8880L is a great wash for summer.  I was wearing them over the weekend (should've taken photo).  they are really tight around the thigh area tho
funny i feel the same way about mine...they are 5 and 6.
Great photo of the little guy!  got 2 myself...love them!
@Levislad, i wear belts only when i get dressed up.  for casual wear such as a white V neck or scoop neck roll-up T shirt and a pair of diesel jeans, i'd defintely go without a belt..i feel that the simplicity of it makes it a bit sexy   @DC, Whoohoo for no belt!  those teppar fit great on you!  nice wash too.
@Phukette, great outfit man!  Love that denim jacket from Allsaints.  saw it too...gotta have!   @Levislad, looking good there!  whooohoo for no belt :)
I like how they added the weight of the denim in the description.  i personally prefer heavier ones.   the 816h reminds me of 801a but in different blue.
looking at the new collection on the Euro online store, digging the shioner 813s and thavar 886z (might be the perfect pair of black jeans i've been looking for)   Lots of great washes for tepphars, but i have not been able to pull this cut off too well...
shit, the new collection looks freakin amazing!  no good for the wallet.  i'm interested to see how Belther fits.   Baltimore, great job on the website!  Very resourceful!
Everyone looks great!   Sorry, i've been MIA for a while.  Work has been so busy.   Phukette and DC, congrats on the marriage!  DC, let me share something with ya, property tax is a biatch so stop buying jeans, you've got house payment now..j/k. bud. Keep looking sharp my friend! ;)
I dont wash them at all, i know sounds gross. Honestly the only time I get to wear my jeans are on the weekends due to work. A lot of my diesels dont even get the wear they deserve. I really don't need that many pairs but I love to collect them.
New Posts  All Forums: