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thanks ALL for the comments!  never meant to stir the pot, but glad the drama's over with.   @Karacho, you seem to pull off some of the not so popular washes amongst the forum members here really well.  Love the narrot on you man!   @Aramis, looking good on all outfits.  welcome to LA..you'll love it here!   @Realdeal, you make me laugh when I see your post...you're the funny one.  hope to see your pic soon...keep up the good work!   @Weenie, thanks. ...
trust me I make great effort to look like this, and I pay great attention to details of my outfit (on how I wear them).  I post on here because I love diesel jeans, I love cool styles, and I enjoy working out taking care of my body.  people on here have messaged me asking for fashion advises which I am absolutely flattered and grateful of, and I am more than happy to give my 2 cents.  so I think I outta be doing something right here than to be bashed by you 2 sorry ass...
Much respect to you as Moderator, Phukette!   @ Baltimore, well said brother, well said!  as they say if you don't got nothing nice to say, don't say it.   @ DC, Sanibeldude, and mattias, much thanks for the comments guys!
Thank you, Phukette.  I was not all that surprised to see that comment from Zodiac the shit talker that tells people to GTFO and other rude things, that's what immature haters do.    drumedge and levislad, much appreciate your compliment and support!
Ouch! I take it that you must hate browsing through websites when you shop for jeans huh? well sorry if you feel this way but I honestly haven't heard much of complains when I have my shirt offKept the belt off for my boy Levislad ha!
great topic.  I've started wearing diesel jeans about 15 years.  my very 1st pair were called Ravi or Ravix.  In the past, I've had the original fanker, zathan, zaf, larkee, slammer, viker, heeven, keever, safado, to now only thanaz, thavar, and shioner.  many different washes, mostly faded and distressed.  In recent years, I have now been noticing myself appreciating more plain and toned down washes.  in fact, I've been trying raw denim lately like apc.  with all that...
thanaz  great summer wash Sperry top siders boat shoes - bring back the old school
Hey guys, sorry this is about Diesel but can someone ID these shades worn by Usher?  they're badass.  
karacho and Ramirez, that's how you rock a double denim.  Nice!   Phukette, gotta love the 801a, nice color T for sunny day too!   DC, those krooleys fit great man...never knew krooleys would fit tight like that.
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