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816k.  this is an awesome wash for summer. like 8x2 awesome.  not for everyone but I like it a lot.  thought the distress and fading would be too much when I first saw them online, but in real life they look great.
vlcisko, it does look a bit small.  i'd suggest to try button it up all the way and see what it looks like.  I find it easier to determine if a jacket is too small or too big. 
you're right.  these are not your typical Dr. M.  they are cool.  so are those vikers, fit you well.
I second that!  Welcome back, Aahz!
I don't own 880g so I can't say it's true raw or not.  but from my experience with the APC I recently purchased and what I've read online, raw denim is denim that has not been washed or treated.  they are extremely stiff when new.  if you thought your 74k, 8x2, or 888p were stiff, the raw denim feel like freakin cardboard when you have them on new.  they are extremely uncomfortable at the beginning, but they do soften up after a few wears. 
agreed with everyone
DC, those are great.  love the color and distress on them.  thinking about giving this cut a try next time I visit a store now.
I have these DBG jeans.  they are beautiful.  perfect amount of distress/fading and great stackings.  definitely not a typical solid black jeans which can be a bit boring.  If you decide to get them, my advice is to size down 1, they run big for me. 
thanks man.  they are petit standard or new petit standard..can't remember which and don't know the difference either haha
with vest  
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