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DC, looking good man.  it's cool you can wear jeans to office.
@Clarsson, nice! I was so close to getting them too
As I'm seeing the new collections from different brands lately, I notice distress, actually heavy distress is coming back. I recently purchased one of diesels newest washes 816k in thavar cut. I was a bit iffy when I saw them online, thought the distress and fading would be too over the top. But I have to say when I saw them in person, I really liked them. Really cool wash for summer.
the stacking is not bad on these.  for me they run a little bit shorter than my other thavars.  but not like 888p short. 
I know you definitely don't want to size down
No. Actually I sized up 1. My normal thavar size was too tight. And I agree with most ppl here think this particular wash should not be worn skin tight
They look great. Keep. I got mine too. Love them.
shot of the distress part  
sorry pics here  
New Posts  All Forums: